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Move forward.

Now available online for only $295!

ReSurfacing is composed of 30 surprisingly simple, effective tools and techniques that show you the inner workings of your life.

The workshop is for people who want to gain insight, clarity and more control over their lives.

“This workshop was a game changer.  I'd already done a lot of personal development work so I didn't really think ReSurfacing would have much impact. Wow! I was about to get the surprise of my life. I'm so glad that I listened to my intuition and did this course. Best choice I've ever made.”   Bonnie P, Florida



“A life changing shift into happiness 

and peace of mind.”     Maria P, New York

People who have done ReSurfacing are

From over

153 countries

Looking to 

improve their lives

Wanting to

make the world

a better place

Tools and Techniques

The Power of

Your Attention

  • Strengthen your Will
  • Discover the true nature of attention
  • Free your attention from areas that are fixed

Integrity & Freedom

  • Clear obstructions
  • Expand your perspective
  • Create compassion

Who You Are

  • Discover your belief blueprint
  • Release sabotaging beliefs
  • Change how you define yourself

The Experience

About Us 

We’re not just a course — we’re a worldwide network of aligned Avatar Masters, trained to guide you in a life-changing experience that exceeds your expectations. 

Over 30 years, we have become an interconnected team of individuals actively engaged in helping our fellow humans. We love what we do and we love working together.

“Seek happiness where you lost it.”

                                                                                                           Harry Palmer 

author of the Avatar Materials

ReSurfacing is now available as a personalized 

interactive online experience.   

Workshop: $295  Books: $49.99 

The timing can work with your schedule.

It generally takes 3 days online, part of each day. 



I have clarity now on the fact that I have the power to change my beliefs and can take control of my destiny and what I attract into my life… I’ve never been more connected with a

huge sense of belonging to anything in my life before.   

Margaux H, Texas


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